Children are a treasure from the Lord. At The River our kids are celebrated and cherished. Alicia, Jane, and Mary have a heart to reach each child with God's unfathomable love. Contact:

“Children are a treasure and a pleasure from the Lord.”

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Kids bring joy to the world

Alicia graduated from The River Master's Commission and has been working with children as a preschool teacher and pastor here with Kingdom Kids at The River Church since 2014. She has a passion to see the young generation grow and walk in their identity as they grow closer with the King of kings. I want the children to know they are loved beyond all measure—they are God's treasure.

If you have any question about what we do here at Explorers, you can reach me at 208-968-6592 or email me at


Discovering who we are as we discover who God is.

Explorers are in search of knowledge and treasure, and the greatest treasure is found in Jesus "in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." Colossians 2:3 and Mathew 6:20-21.


Here at Explorers, your kids will find a firm foundation of who they are:

—we are children of the King

—we have authority, and our prayers are powerful

—we are seated in the heavenlies

—we are imaginative, and the Lord loves to play with us

—we walk hand in hand with Jesus

—we are Gods treasure

—we are walking in our full identity in Christ Jesus to bring heaven to earth

How I can get involved

If you love children, get involved in the children's ministry

Here at Explorers, not only do your kids learn about God and His word through fun Bible stories, we are teaching your child that they are powerful and can make good choices. As they are growing and learning to walk hand in hand with the King, we help them to grow in their identity by teaching them who God says they are and encouraging them to declare these things over themselves.

Before worship, one of our favorite things to declare is that our praise knocks down walls. I will ask the kids what wall they will be knocking down with Jesus that day, and we get ready to praise and worship him. We also sing and declare a positive identity in Christ, such as: I am powerful, my prayers are powerful, I am a good listener, I can make good choices, I am a good leader, etc. This helps our children develop a positive identity in Jesus Christ.