At our lifestyle groups we dig deeper into the word and help people grow in their walk with Christ. Our Lifestyle Groups Directors, Jordan and Megan Ezell, help guide these groups to ensure that everyone attending is connected and growing, not only as individuals but as a community. Contact:

“Connecting into a community is easiest when it feels like family.”


Our Story

Fellowship is vital for every believer

Jordan and Megan were both born and raised in Idaho. Jordan went to Masters Commission and received his bachelors degree in biblical counseling, while Megan attending NIC and got her associates degree in accounting. They then got married in 2019 while Jordan was attending Full Sail University and in early 2020 got his second bachelors degree in game design. They consider the River Church their home and the people there their family.

What goes on at our Lifestyle Groups?

What is Cadre?

Sometimes you'll hear lifestyle groups referred to as "Cadre." The word Cadre means a small group of people specially trained for a specific purpose. The ‘specific purpose’ we are helping train people for is making disciples and living a Christ-driven life. Our home groups go in a rotation as follows: study, prayer night, outreach, and then game night/fellowship.

How I can get involved

Connection groups are one of the best ways to get to know The River.

Jordan and Megan are always happy and eager to help get everyone connected with a home group. Please contact them to get placed into a group. Currently, lifestyle groups are every other Thursday. For a list of the exact dates, please check the churches monthly calendar.