River Tech is a competency based private Christian kindergarten & elementary school opening September 2021 in Post Falls. Contact: rivertech@e.email

“With a River Tech education, your child will be well-prepared to face life head on.



Learn more at: rivertechschool.com

River Tech combines the best elements of homeschooling and private school. With competency-based learning, each child learns at their own pace, while also having the benefits of a positive social environment. Building on a foundation of a conservative, Christian worldview, students learn the social & academic skills necessary to succeed in life.

While technology is the largest subject at River Tech, rest assured that each student will also learn composition, arts, history, and so on. River Tech provides a well-rounded education for the heart, soul, and body.


Competency-Based Education

At River Tech each child learns at their own pace

Each student enrolls in five "tracks": (1) Math-track, (2) Composition-track, (3) Life-track, (4) Tech-track, and (5) Arts-track. Each track has four levels of competency. A student begins at a level and proceeds to the next level when he has mastered the level he is at. This competency-based method replaces artificial "grades" and allows each student to learn at their own pace.

If a student excels at a subject, they can move faster, and if they find a subject harder they can move slower. Read more about our five tracks here. 

How I can get involved

How to volunteer at River Tech ELementary.

If you are a parent wanting to learn about enrollment, click here.

If you attend The River Church, please pray about making River Tech Elementary a part of your calling. Starting and running a school is a huge ministry. There are many opportunities to volunteer. 

Perhaps you are handy and can help with repairs and decorations. Perhaps you would like to help with school events, field trips, and parties. Perhaps you wish to donate educational and technical equipment to the school? Talk with Dan after Sunday service, or contact Dan Hegelund at rivertech@e.email