We are here to help students build their foundation in Christ, so they may develop a long lasting relationship that goes with them as they walk into their schools, homes and lives. Come Hang out with us on Wednesday nights at 7 PM as we have fun and chase after God together!  Contact:

“It's critical that you learn who God is to you, and not just coast on your parent’s God.”

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Cultivating friendships

At Aftermath, we believe that ministry is about relationship. We see how Jesus dedicated His life to having relationship with the people he ministered to, and we believe that it's through relationship that we have a greater impact. As a result, we focus on building impactful relationships with our students.


Providing opportunities to serve

The heart of Aftermath is to build students up, so we developed Aftermath Build. Aftermath Build is a student discipleship course that aims to build students up by giving them further responsibilities in the church and encouraging them to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ.

Study Hall

Tutor help

As well as building relationships with students and helping them set their foundation in Christ, we also want to be a resource. On Wednesdays we have our Study Hall open from 2:30-5 PM as a place where students can come to hang out, do school work, study and get some free tutoring.